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Sea Glass Leather Cuff Bracelet Pale Blue

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This sea glass leather cuff is truly a one of a kind piece. The snaps have been set at 7 and 7.75 inches. The large chunk of sea glass is bezel set with a copper based foil and a "cold soldering" process.  The sea glass is fastened onto a hand cut piece of DISTRESSED leather. The beauty of the piece comes from the color variations, nicks and scratches on the rustic, recycled leather.

As mentioned above, the process of creating this unique piece uses copper which has a reputation for developing a beautiful patina over time.  You may notice your piece may develop a green/turquoise coloration or the silver may lose its luster over time.  No two cuffs are ever alike!  To avoid the beautiful "tarnish" process, store your item in an air tight container or bag.    This piece will be one that you cherish for years to come.  

 This cuff should not be tight.  Measure the circumference of your wrist for proper size.  

 The snaps may be tight and difficult to use initially.  The metal will adjust and snapping will become easier in about 10 closures. 

The cuff is just 2 inches wide. 

Some of the glass has a unique patina on the sea glass is called "Benicia". It occurs when glass exposed to elements in the sand.